Polish & Paint Correction

Getting a polish and paint correction or even a brand new paint job all together truly depends on the extent of the damage on your vehicle. For most surface scratches, swirls or cloudiness, paint correction would be the top choice. Not only does it allow you to keep the factory paint, but also to make it shine so it looks flawless.

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What are the stages of paint correction?


In order to ensure a successful paint correction, the surface preparation is a key factor in ensure that any dirt, grease, or contaminants are all removed off the top layer of the clear coat before beginning the polish.

Machine Polishing & Correction

This involves a variety of different polishes and graded pads. This allows our trained technicians to carefully remove surface scratches without breaking through the clear coat layer.

Wet sanding

the top layer of the clear coat is often necessary when doing a full polish and paint correction. The purpose of this is to smoothen out the surface of the clear coat which has a deeper scratch in order to create a flawless finish on the clear coat.

Truly the best way to protect your freshly polished soft top coat, after a full 3 stage polish, is to layer the clear coat with a professional grade ceramic coating or graphene coating. This allows the clear coat to not only be protected by the UV Rays which creates a hazy look overtime, but also protects from the elements such as sap, brake dust, rust/iron build up, and repels the dust and dirt from your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Pricing Options

The ceramic coating comes with 2 Stage Polish
(3 Stage Polish that requires wet sanding for deeper scratches will be subject to additional charges.)
Satan film is additional $150
Large vehicles such as RAM, Range Rover, Tundra, Tacoma and others are subject to $100 additional due to extra material.

*All deposits for full wraps and paint protection films are NON-REFUNDABLE*

5 Year Ceramic

With 2 Stage Polish & Paint Correction + Windshield Ceramic

3 yr warranty


7 Year Graphene/Ceramic Coating

With 2 Stage Polish & Paint Correction + Windshield Ceramic Coat + Coat face of rims

5 yr warranty


10 Year Graphene/Ceramic Coating

With 2 Stage Polish & Paint Correction + Windshield Ceramic Coat + ALL WINDOWS + Coating the FACE and BARREL of rims

5 yr warranty


Polish only
(no ceramic coating)

2 Stage Polish only

Larger vehicles such as the Ram 1500, Escalade, Toyota Tundra, and other similarly sized vehicles, as well as black vehicles, will have a starting price of $480 for a two-stage polish.

5 yr warranty

Starting at