Premium Caliper Painting Services

Caliper Paint is specifically designed to work with various types of brake components. It is heat resistant to 900°F (482°C) and is formulated no resist chips, cracks, fade or rust, even under extreme road and weather conditions.

Base Price
$300.00 + tax

At Flawless we apply a rust preventing primer if needed, followed by a minimum of 3 coats of
paint, depending on color and condition of the calipers.

Older calipers that have accumulated heavy rust and iron deposits may require additional sanding to smooth the surface. After the paint has become tack-free or dry to the touch (typically within 5-6 hours), we can proceed to install the decal or logo of your choice, allowing the calipers to assume the appearance of OEM factory performance.


Once the decal or logo has been installed on the face of the caliper, then it is time to apply the clear coat.

A minimum of 2 layers of clear coat is applied to ensure a strong and glossy finish.

Clear coat is fully cured in 24 hours.

We must allow the caliper paint and clear coat to cure for at least 24 hours before driving.

We then take away masking tape/paper and carefully reinstall the wheel.

Ceramic Coating - $25 / Caliper

Ceramic Coating is an available option for the calipers to help repel any brake dust or debris
that may collect over time.

Additional Sanding - $35 / Caliper

Vehicles which require additional sanding due to heavy rust, or chipping paint are subject to an
additional fee.

Available Colours

Brembo Red / BMW Blue (Dark) / Porsche Yellow / Tiger Orange / Gloss
Black / Silver Sparkle / Royal Gold